June 11th, 2008


The Mail

Lately, I've been getting some fairly amusing things in the mail, mostly due to one ultra cool person who shall remain nameless. Today, however, I got some mail by my agent, Kris O'Higgens, which I knew to be the piece that John Kilma (gumboeditor) worked up for Wiscon. I wasn't quite prepared for it to be framed and such, but it was, and I have to say, it looked pretty cool, and made me wish that I could have seen the lot of them together in the room.

What also arrived in the same box was a calender from Carnicerias Guanajuato, a familia silva, that promotes itself on servicio, higiene, and calidad. Words cannot truly explain the calender to you, so I took a photo of it:

Perhaps you can see the Jesus statue there, in the corner?

At any rate, there is subtext to this calender, and I'm sure we can all see it, for it isn't that subtle. A calender in the mail says, finish the book, time is going by, a Spanish calender says, finish the book, go to Mexico, a calender with a Jesus reference says, finish the book, meet Jesus later, and a Spanish calender with a Jesus reference says, finish the book, take Spanish lessons, and get a job translating for Jesus on tour through Mexico.

I have no idea why the girl is there, though. Everyone knows writers don't get them, even with Jesus' help.