June 5th, 2008


Images On the Screen

Barack Obama picked up the nomination, and in Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai, who by all accounts won an election and defeated Robert Mugabe, was detained by the by the police a week and a half after his return to the country. Reports suggest that people in his party--the Movement for Democratic Change--have been subjected to threats, beatings, and torture, but then the TV cut to Obama telling Israel to never fear, because Jerusalem was their capital, and no collection of suffering, beat up people that strap bombs to themselves instead of driving good honest tanks, would take it from them if he ran the show.

Yeah, it was a good night to turn on the TV.

As you can see, I am much more interested in what is happening in Zimbabwe, a situation that has been existing for years now, because I think the 27th contest will see something violent come about, one way or another.

Perhaps oddly, however, I expect that Obama will make no difference to American politics. Rich white men, rich black men, rich white women, rich black women: it's all cut from the same cloth for me, though the television tells me that young black children now think they can become the President, which is, y'know, nice for those kids who don't wanna be astronauts and adventurers and musicians, or something cool like that. Even the celebrities in that Obama song want me to believe that there will be a difference, but honestly, I long ago decided celebrities weren't the best people to take political advice from. It bothers me, slightly, that I can't be more positive about it, because I recognise the racial weighting of it, and what its representations are on a racially political level, but a political leader is just a figure head, and what really matters are the people beneath him or her, the ones that form their party, and the people who fund elections; and even if they didn't, I suspect that I have just become so cynical about politics, that I expect nothing new to change in the world, not even if you stuck a six year old child as the leader, and told them to tell the world that everyone could have red cordial for free.

But hey, prove me wrong.

Here's the sugary message of hope clip for Obama, and the first person who thinks, 'but he's the lesser evil,' can get a glass of cordial and some morphine, because that's what the world is all about these days, isn't it?