March 31st, 2008


David Bowie.

Playwright and occasional Dr Who writer Rob Shearman has written a review of 2012, edited by Ben Payne and Alisa Krasnostein. It's quite a comprehensive little review, actually:

2012 is as good an anthology as I have ever read - and despite my rollercoaster reaction I have read rather a lot! Collectively, I think it's a terrific book; you read these stories back to back, and you get these wonderful shards of paranoia and concern and honest-to-God passion for our planet. I love that. I told you I think short story collections should feel as if they're a single whole, not a mishmash - and this is exactly what 2012 does so brilliantly. Each contribution collides off another in a way that deepens the one you've just read. (And the recurring theme of dwindling water takes on an ever greater power.) It sounds, at best, a rather backhanded compliment when I say that no individual story is as impressive as the entire book. There are some very good stories in here, I think, and some which don't work for me, but are propped up by the cumulative effect of the themes they explore.


I think I'm going to love Ben Peek's work. I'm glad I bought his book. He's quirky and weird and approaches things from left field. "David Bowie" may well be the best written piece in the book. But I'd bet my bottom dollar that this isn't Ben Peek writing at full throttle. It's clever, of course, but there's something a bit lazy about it, I think. I do like it a lot, and I appreciate effortless writing - but for all its cleverness it doesn't have as much thought behind it as other stories. I enjoyed it very much, though.


Follow the link to buy the book.

World of Warcraft French Commercial

My name is Jean Claude Van Damme and I am a mage.

Hand-to-hand combat for me, it's over! Now I can cast powerful spells.

Just try messing with me - I'll turn you into a sheep. A sheep!

Because we all are a bit like sheep, you know.

I am Jean-Claude Van Damme, I am a mage.

And you? What's your game?

A while back there was a series of American World of Warcraft commercials featuring people like Mr. T and William Shatner. The French, however, have Jean Claude Van Damme.

I provided a translation below, because the lines about sheep are awesome.

Anyhow, back to writing novel.
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