March 27th, 2008



Who has tattoos out there?

I have, at the moment, an offer to write a small piece of fiction around a tattoo for a guy out of Amsterdam, who is putting out a book called Ink. From what I understand, the tattoo will be reproduced in the book through illustration and the story will follow it. It's not a huge time commitment from me, but I like tattoos, though I don't have any myself (I've never really been into permanence)--mostly I just like seeing what people have, and the art that goes into it. At any rate, part of the project is in finding tattoos, either in friends or people you know, and I thought that I might actually open it up here, on the blog, for anyone who wants to post a shot of their tattoo in the comments, or send it to me privately at benpeek at I might just interview you a bit, too, just to see where and why you got your piece, or I might not; I'm taking this thing as it comes, and being quite open. If I use your bit of ink, however, you will of course be credited--and I suspect the focus of the story, fictional or otherwise.

Like I said, lot of room to move.

Anyhow, if you've got some you want to show off, now is the time.
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