February 4th, 2008


Anonymous Comments From the Last Post

I leave comments open on this blog for the hate, really. A lot of people don't dig that kind of poster, and I imagine I got my threshold for it--which is not an invitation--but there's something invigorating about the world's cocks.

Here are two anonymous comments from the last post:


167 copies. You're clearly in decline. Perhaps Alisa could give it a rave review and boost the sales? Really what did you expect? Was that really the novel that was going to set the world on fire. Man, you are truly up yourself if you did. Grow up.


Funny thing is, if you hadn't posted that, we wouldn't have known and neither would editors, publishers, and others who have an affect on your career. So the more you post shit like this, and the more you make it sound like you're not doing well...the less you will do well. Congrats!

The first is from anonymous poster, and the second, Balls of steel, I tell you.

In case more people are thinking I'm letting some big secret out by the number of copies Black Sheep has sold, I'm going to disappoint, and say I suspect the book is doing exactly what a whole lot of 'industry' people knew it would after last year's mess of publication. The only way that's going to change now is through me, and through the people who dig the book, who dig what I do, and who read this blog here, and who talk about the book to people. Word of mouth is it. And if I'm sitting round in some imaginary ivory tower telling myself everything is going well, then writing about how well it is doing, the book dies a little quicker.

But hey, you know, everyone has that illusion, right?

Look, there are days when the situation is a shit one and I feel it. When you see a post like the last one, that's me just working through it, cause I know that improving that number is up to me, and I got all the experience of someone whose new to this. Besides, if I post the good shit, why not the bad? It's a bit like reviews: I post the good ones, I post the bad ones. So I post the good news, I post the bad. It's all part of the life I'm living and the blog is about that. I figure people will find that interesting, but maybe it just helps the people who dislike me sleep a little better at night.

In the end, it comes down to this: the book is only going to do better if I get my hands dirty, which is what I spend my time doing. Chances are you can't find it in bookstores (I don't think it's in any in Australia, but I could be wrong--I know P went to buy it out of Galaxy and was told that they couldn't get it in, for reasons I have forgotten now), so I'm operating out of the net, and out of all the interviews, reviews, and whatever else I can organise. Way I hear it, if you can sell a thousand copies of a book in POD, you're cool, so I'm only eight hundred and twenty odd from that--and even yet, those numbers are tiny, that scale of it so small and nothing in the grand scheme of things that the cynic would have a right to ask why you'd even bother? Well, it's my book, and if I don't try and do what I can with what I got, then when it is dead and buried, the blame is mine and not Circumstance's.

Fortunately, there are people who're supportive of what I'm trying to do here, too, so don't think it's all cocks and cunts.
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