January 17th, 2008


Local Independent Presses

Just a quick note:

If you've got an independent press in Australia and you released a book recently, drop me a note, okay? I'm writing a review for Overland on indie books, and so if you want to try and pick up a bit of exposure, please send me a copy of it. You want to email me at benpeek at livejournal.com for a mailing address. That said, I've got two weeks until my deadline, and yeah, I know, I know, I should have posted earlier, and it's a bit of a crush for time. Anyhow: I can obviously only talk about a certain amount of books in the piece, but if you send me one and if I don't write about it, if I dig it, I will be writing about it here, on this blog. I want to be paying a bit more attention to the indie presses, regardless of genre, and using this blog to discuss the work put out a bit more.

(In fact, if you run an indie press from around the world, and you want to send me something to look at for this blog, feel free. The piece I'm writing is just limited to local things.)

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Tom Cruise Scientology Award Things

What I love is that the Mission Impossible music plays in the background of this the entire time.

The entire awards ceremony is here. It makes for some fascinating viewing. My favourite quotes belong to We Are the Authority, I reckon.
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