December 28th, 2007


Vanilla Ice's New Sound (I Hope There's Human Bowling on New Year's)

AMERICAN rapper Vanilla Ice has his own unique way of celebrating the Christmas holidays.

While most people spend time with family and exchange gifts, Ice hosts the Vanilla Ice Holiday House Party every December, featuring human bowling, vanilla pudding wrestling, Beverly Hills pimps and ho's, a live giraffe, and women swimming with sea monkeys.

"A whole bunch of celebrities come out, football players and stuff like that," Ice said from his home in Florida.

"It's a very big event."

Ice, aka Robert Van Winkle, became an overnight superstar in 1990 when his hit Ice Ice Baby topped charts around the world.

But his success only lasted about one year, and he suffered a rapid fall from popularity.

The now 40-year-old rapper is heading to Australia later this month and he wants local audiences to know he's no one hit wonder.

"You guys over in Australia are aware of Ice Ice Baby - that's all that everybody knows me as over there pretty much because I haven't been there touring," Ice said.

"But in America ... people are singing my new music.

"They're aware of Ice Ice Baby but they're not into it.

"There's a whole other evolution to Vanilla Ice that people haven't tapped into over there (in Australia)."

And that new sound?

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