December 1st, 2007


Photos of the Day

Back from wedding.

Was nice.

(I know everyone wanted to see wedding photos, so these were taken on my phone, which, really, reminds me that I need to spend some cash and get a new, semi-decent camera again. Still, this one came out okay. As you can see, the wedding was on the beach, and Rach (the bride, my cousin) and Pete (the groom, no relation) had a nice mix of the formal and informal for their ceremony. There was a nice reception afterward and I hung with other cousins and uncles and aunts and the few of Rach's friends I knew. A lot of the family there I hadn't seen for a while, so that had it's own amusement. One of my uncle's told me that his local paper had written about Black Sheep, which surprised me, given that I had no idea, and that the book is, y'know, not available here. But otherwise it was the usual mix of age, beauty, ugly, and ripping on people that defines these things.)
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