November 27th, 2007


Publishers Weekly Review of Black Sheep

"Society has fractured into three supposedly pure race factions and multiculturalism is a crime in this bleak Orwellian debut, set in the far future. After the Culture War more than a century earlier, the United Nations divided the races to prevent violence and bigotry. Sydney, Australia, has become Asian-Sydney, Caucasian-Sydney and African-Sydney, and crossing the borders is strictly forbidden. Isao Dazai, a recent immigrant from Asian-Tokyo, dares to wonder what the other cities are like, despite fearful warnings from his wife, Kumiko. When she turns him in for speaking multicultural heresy, Isao is sent away for Assimilation, a dehumanizing procedure that strips him of his individuality. Thirteen years later, Isao manages to overcome his programming and becomes desperate to confront Kumiko, who has built a political career on her patriotic betrayal. Although the characters rarely rise above the roles of philosophical mouthpieces, Peek sketches chilling images of a future where individuality is deadly and only sameness provides safety."

—Publishers Weekly.

I'm not exactly sure what the deal is with Publishers Weekly, but I got no complaints with reviews like this. I did an interview with them last week, too, though I'm not sure when it'll be up (or printed, whichever way it works).

But hey, you bought the book?


Amazon, Galaxy, or wherever else you want to go. Don't let some nice reviews, a few interviews, and some offers to write here and there fool you: I've still got to sell a shitload and get word of mouth out for it to mean a thing. That be the lesson for the evening.


Australia's new government will issue a formal apology to Aborigines for the abuses they suffered in the past, prime minister-elect Kevin Rudd has promised.

Mr Rudd, whose Labor Party swept to power in an election on Saturday, said the apology would come early in his first parliamentary term.

Outgoing Prime Minister John Howard had repeatedly refused to say sorry.


But Mr Rudd signalled his administration's change of direction soon after Labor's election victory.

"It will be early, early in the parliamentary term," Mr Rudd said of his planned apology.

"However, we would frame it in a consultative fashion with communities, and that may take some time," he added.

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Possession (Free Fiction)

My story, 'Possession', is up on the newly revamped Fantasy Magazine Zine. It's a Red Sun story, and is about a woman who lives in a giant hole that runs through the world, and the woman she finds. It was inspired by the above photos. I quite like the story, myself, though me writing about what I like in it strikes me as a little self absorbed, so I'll spare you. Below is the opening for it, and after that a link, where you can read it entirely. Drop back and let me know what you thought once you're done.

"Three days before Eliana Stein found the girl made from bronze, the stocky Botanist noted the passing of her twelfth year living in the Aremika Shaft, though she did not celebrate it. That was the kind of woman she was: pragmatic because she lived alone, modest because her vanity did not extend to her celebrating her own successes, and fatalistic, because surviving the passage of time, she believed, was an act of submission, not rebellion."