October 26th, 2007


The Strange Things You Get

Things are getting a little packed, what with taking off to the States on Tuesday, and the things that need to be done beforehand. The blog'll probably be quiet until November 14th, when I get back, and Anna and I kick off Nowhere Near Savannah. Until then, it's likely to be sporadic, at best.

However, under who saw this fucking coming, it looks as if I'll be writing an opinion piece for the New York Times Syndicate and their Writers at Large series. What that means is that, should they like what I write, they'll pay me an obscene amount of money and then sell it round to papers around the world to be published. The editor in charge contacted the agents last week after, I can only imagine, seeing the VanderMeer piece on Amazon, and asked if I was interested in writing a piece in relation to the racial politics that gave rise to Black Sheep. Did you think I'd say no? The due date is the first of December, which places it a week after the election, and that means, with a little bit of amusement, I get to have a more and usual public opinion on the racial cards that get pulled this election. It's like Christmas, except, you know, without the make believe content.

Also, in about five minutes, a guy is going to arrive to put a Nielson's TV rating box on my set. Just after Summer Heights High finished, too.
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