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October 14th, 2007

Once Again, I'm Happy I Don't Vote

Prime Minister John Howard visited Government House in Canberra this morning to ask permission to call the federal election, ending months of phoney campaigning.

Mr Howard has asked Governor-General Michael Jeffery to dissolve parliament for a November 24 election.


Incidentally, if we weren't a colony still, the Prime Minister wouldn't have to ask for shit. Also, I wonder if anyone will point out that you don't get to vote for either John Howard or Kevin Rudd this election? Not, I might add, that it makes a difference.

I should go to Mexico.


David Bowie

Outside the election blues (how much hate will be on my TV, my TV, my TV, sing it like a chorus, baby), I have also sold a story called 'David Bowie' to Alisa Krasnostein (girliejones) and Ben Payne (benpayne) to their anthology, 2012, which is a collection of speculative fiction set five years from now, dealing with social and technological issues and advances then.

It also continues my slightly odd trend of naming stories after celebrities. In this case, it's David Bowie, and his song, 'Five Years'.