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September 5th, 2007

Cover Previews

Been meaning to post the cover for this for a while, since my name is on the cover, and that's a first. Maybe Bill and Michelle will have changed that by the time the book comes out in October, but still, in theory, I have now progressed to a point where people think my name helps sell a book.

Which is certainly odd, yes.



Strange Horizons has reviewed Polyphony Six and the reviewer, Paul Kincaid, has called my piece the 'single best story' in it:

These are stories of disillusion. There are no positive stories here, there aren't even stories of battling to a glorious defeat. We are defeated before we begin. These are stories of people who have looked at the world and found it wanting, and now just want to surrender to the sadness. Ben Peek's "Theleeharveyoswaldband" is the single best story here, a barely science-fictional account of a musician's celebrity as a result of being lauded in blogs. But at the heart of the story is his despair at a literal emptiness inside him. Music seems to provide a ready metaphor for such emptiness.

I'm not sure he enjoyed the collection as a whole, though, and I do tend to disagree with some of his opinions, but that's how it is some times. The collection is cool and from last year, by the way, and 'theleeharveyoswaldband' was one of my favourite bits, so I'm quite pleased to see it working for someone.