September 3rd, 2007


Burnt Road

I carry a camera everywhere, but I hardly use it, these days.

Part of it is that what I have is a small digital camera, a few years old now, but with a very limited range on what it can do. That wasn't a problem when I first bought it, but it is why I stopped using it as much. I found myself facing the realisation that to do more of the things I wanted, I would have to upgrade to a better camera. Photography isn't that big a deal for me, and the price of good cameras is a bit out of my lifestyle, so it was a thought that came, went, and resulted in me taking less photos. I still carried the camera around with me, though. A habit, I guess. At any rate, yesterday, I took this, and I kinda dig it, and maybe I ought to start pushing the limits of my little camera again.

(One of the things that I reckon would be interesting is taking photos of the people and the houses I go to. It'll never happen: it's invasive and without real artistic merit, and not why I'm there. But I jump economic strands two to three times a night and day, and the difference can be, sometimes, quite jarring.)
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