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August 9th, 2007

Book Cash, the Reply

Dear Mr Rimmer

We are in receipt of your letter of 30 July 2007 terminating our further supply to Angus & Robertson. As you have requested, we will cancel all Angus & Robertson Company orders on 17 August and will desist from any further supply to your stores.

I have to say that my initial response on reading your letter as to how you propose to "manage" your business in the future was one of voluble hilarity, I literally burst out laughing aloud. My second response was to note the unmitigated arrogance of your communication, I could not actually believe I was reading an official letter from Angus & Robertson on an Angus & Robertson letterhead.

My reply to you will perforce be a lengthy one. I hope you will take the trouble to read it, you may learn something. Then again, when I look at the level of real response we have had from Angus & Robertson over the past six or so years, I somehow doubt it.


(It's worth the read, so do the click. Also, for some unknown reason, I missed the fact that his name was Rimmer. I'm sure he's gotten teased about that.)



(Yes, I know I deleted a post about Geoff Maloney. This, however, is cooler. Maloney's sheep and dog noises are not. I wrote that I was tired of it and him, and you know what, I am. You want to read what he said, it's here. But if he wants to get on my blog all proper like, he has to stop boring me. And if he's boring me, I figure he's boring all of you, too. Plus, this is pretty damn fucking cool this comic, and that beats out crazy Australian authors any day.)