August 2nd, 2007


Black Sheep (Fixed In 24 Hours, Would You Like Fries With That)


Now, this post here, this is about the drama around Black Sheep, my novel. Take a pen and note pad. There'll be a test at the end.

Firstly, it is not, generally speaking, my kind of thing to delete posts, but I've done it over the last twenty four hours. Three times, in fact. I did it because the comments were getting a little shit fight like, and my primary concern is not the fight, but getting the book fixed. About twenty minutes ago, I sent a pdf back to Sean Wallace (oldcharliebrown), which noted a few space corrections, but which also noted that everything was looking cool to me. There'll be some fiddling, maybe a bit of time before new books are made--in this case, being POD is a help, since there's no print run to worry about--and then nice, perfectly white spaced books will appear, in a week or so (I have a vague memory of being told Monday, but can't remember for sure). At any rate, this has happened in twenty four hours, across two countries and two time zones. You can't argue with that and I'm not.

Near as both Sean and I can figure, a block of white spacing jumped in some time after I read the last proof. Yes, I did check the proof last time, and yes it was good--baring the comments I made--except for an acknowledgment page, which was missing. Thanking people, it seems, is not one of those things that goes well for me, since after that was inserted, somehow the book got good and messed up. And, of course, after that, when the final version of the pdf came through to me, I checked the acknowledgments page, confident that the rest was fine and it slipped through. It was stupid, but that's how a mistake like this comes through and fucks up the contents of your book. In checking that same pdf yesterday, I could see the mistakes were there, and felt pretty shitty for not proofing that it all over again. Sean missed it to, though, so we'll share an equal bit of blame for it, and ask for you patience, once again, while we fix things quickly. I'm sure when you read the book it will now deliver your children, do your taxes, and give you an orgasm. It's also written on plates of gold, because, frankly, after all the hassle its been for you, me, and the publisher, if its not a gold plated book that gives you orgasms, you might be feeling a little exasperated.

At any rate, it's my hope that we'll be able to organise some kind of compensation for the books that people bought, and which were fucked up.

So, there you go. Drama in day, started and solved, and no bodies, and a book fixed. We're good here.
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