April 22nd, 2007


My Declining Beauty (Images from a Party)

Last night I went to a cocktail party at Keith Stevenson's place. I was due an appearance at local scene event, and Keith's place is small, thus limiting the number of people, though I still only knew a handful of folk. I arrived after work and got to see Bill Congreve, Michelle Marquardt, Rob Hood, Cat Sparks and, of course, Margo Lanagan, all of who I have not seen for some time. Margo was especially pleased to see me as that photo--


Actually, I quite like Margo, and she's always good for a laugh and joke. This photo, however, is what happens when Cat Sparks walks past with a camera and you're in the middle of a conversation. Everyone who has been to a party with Cat has had the experience and, because it's science fiction, every ugly photo of the night ends up on the web, without an ounce of retouching, as if it were a badge of honour and forcing me to ask, "Where's the retouching? Where's photoshop?!" You think they'd be more into it, what with it being the future and all.

Anyhow, consequently, my beauty is always in decline.

Link for photos.
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