April 18th, 2007


How the Dead Dream, Lydia Millet

Lydia Millet will have a new book out in August. It is called How the Dead Dream.

What is it about?

I have no idea.

Is that really the cover?

Probably not.

Isn't August a long time away?

Shut the fuck up.

I don't understand this. Don't you usually talk about books near release?

There's no rule for this. I'm surprised it's still going. You know, blog traffic has jumped since I been doing this. Not that it's related or nothing. I'm just saying. Jump

You're not even talking about the book you egomaniac!

Oh Pure and Radiant Heart was so fucking good that Millet gets bought blind. It doesn't fucking matter what she's writing about. I'm there. I'm a genius. Everyone should fucking do what I say and be there with me.


So, do what the voices in my head say.
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Nathan Ballingrud's New Blog

Nathan Ballingrud (nballingrud) has a new blog.

Ballingrud is the author of fine short fiction, including 'You Go Where It Takes You', which I like, but which is also online, so I can link it. Anyhow, Ballingrud kept a neat blog before, but it drifted into neglect, and now he has joined the herd here in LiveJournalLand, where he will have a new blog to neglect. So, do yourself a favour: friend him up and show him what the nudge function is for.
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Bring Us Your Tired, Your Hungry, Your Poor...

Are you Cuban? Would you like to come to Australia? Make racism work for you:

ASYLUM-SEEKERS detained on Nauru will be resettled in the US - and Cuban refugees held at Guantanamo Bay brought to Australia - under a "refugee exchange" program unveiled by the Howard Government.

Under the new scheme, Australia and the US will each resettle up to 200 refugees processed in the other country every year, bolstering Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews's vow that unauthorised boat arrivals would not make it to the Australian mainland.


The move will deliver political benefits to both governments in the highly sensitive issue of refugee policy.

Mr Andrews said the arrangement with the US would "ensure the integrity of the international system of protection and the integrity of Australia's borders is maintained by providing protection for those who need it".

"Under this arrangement, the US will consider people who arrive in excised offshore places and have been taken to Nauru for further processing," he said.

"In turn, Australia will consider for resettlement asylum-seekers intercepted by the United States."

That is some kind of fucked up logic going on there, wouldn't you say?

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