April 4th, 2007


Alan Moore and Pornography

What the church had actually accomplished with this crowd-pleasing manoeuvre was a subtle and yet massively important change in the relationship between the population and its sexual imagination. Implicitly, it was acceptable to enjoy sexual imagery as long as you accepted also that such acts were sinful, and felt suitably ashamed and guilty if you were in any way aroused by their depiction. This established the immediate link between perusal of pornography and intense self-loathing or embarrassment, which still obtains today throughout most of the western world.

I read this essay a few months back when it appeared in Arthur. It's a bit of a kitchen sink mess, but still quite interesting.
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Forrest Aguirre's Text: Ur, the New Book of Masks.

Forrest Aguirre's (experimeditor) new book, Text: Ur, has already been released.

I will admit, up front, that Forrest bought a story off me for Leviathan Four: Cities a few years back, but that's not why Text is the Wednesday book post thing. Plenty of editors have bought my work, but I don't generally recommend their books, if I'm not involved. Sometimes, there's a reason for that. Sometimes not. In the case of Aguirre (switching to the less personal last name), however, I feel different. I've read three of the Aguirre edited books, from the co-edited Leviathan Three, to the single edited Leviathan Four, and the once again co-edited, The Nine Muses. (Jeff VanderMeer for the first, Deborah Layne for the second.) What has struck me about all of these books is just how concerned they are with being a book, being a unified whole, and a complete reading experience, rather than something you can dip in and out of, which is usually how I am with anthologies, as I find the unifying whole of most to me something that is absent. The art of putting together an anthology is a difficult one, and like any other kind of writing, a subjective one, but Aguirre's theme inspired anthologies seem to work for me as wholes, rather than bits.

Since the book is already out, there's none of that wait business, and after I go up the street and buy some drugs so I can go out this afternoon and teach, I will most likely come back and purchase it.
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