March 17th, 2007


26Lies and More American Love (Completely Unlike that Australian Love, Which is Broken)

I do not hate Ben Peek.

I could make a list: People I Like And Respect Without Knowing Very Well At All. If I did, you'd find Ben Peek's name somewhere near the top. I like his work pretty much without reservation, and utterly without concern that he'll let me down next time out of the box. I suspect that whether he likes it or not, he's one of the good guys, and certainly one of the interesting ones. But what I've read is a smallish slice of the whole, and I don't, after all, know him very well, at all.

And I'm leery about assuming too much about a person based on his work. I do think you can know some things. I do think you can absorb some idea of some of their concerns, some of the things they think and the hows and the whys. I'm wary of assuming too much. But then, I'm spot-on the same kind of wary about assuming too much based on what I see in someone for myself, or on what they tell me when they're telling me things. Especially that last.

So. This book is an autobiography. At least some of it is true, for whatever value you like for 'true.' It tells me (or you, or whoever the reader) over and over again not to trust writers. Writers lie. Words, by their very nature, lie.

I know better than to trust this book. I know not to let it seep into my mind, not to take too much too heart what I think it tells me about Ben Peek.

The only trouble is, I don't know how.

Hannah Wolf Bowen (buymeaclue) author of 'For the Sky is Made of Glass', 'Rosemary, for Remembrance', and 'Everything is Better with Zombies', amongst others.


Cult classic. Can you say it with me? Cult. Classic.

Of course, with that said, you should read it first, and there's Amazon and Wheatland Press for that. Remember, with this book, you can look down your nose at those not as well read as you, for that is the cult classic way.