February 3rd, 2007


26Lies: Interview, Links.

There is an interview with me here, on the Articulate Blog for 26Lies.

It was done over email, and when I typed the word cunt, and fuck, those words were not censored, so it's faintly annoying to see them there. I offered to edit them out if language was a problem, but I guess Gary Kemble just wanted to remove the offensive letters--or was instructed too do so--instead. Yeah, I think it's ridiculous, but what can you do?

If you're in from the Articulate Blog, you can buy Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth at Amazon and from Wheatland Press.

Here's what has been said about the book so far:

"Ben Peek is a writer I fully expect to blunder out into the scene like a run-away brontosaurus one of these days. He has titanic talent generally leashed to micro-detail projects when his true canvas is probably something much wider and deeper. Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth is a gently experimental text that uses a glossary of terms from A to Z to create vignettes, one-liners, and other supports for loosely connected narratives. Some are funny, some are most definitely not funny. All are lively and deserve your attention."

"I emerged from the book feeling somewhat dazed and exhausted (having read it from beginning to end within a 24 hour period), and I’m not entirely sure what I feel about it. Impressed, certainly. Curious, definitely. A little pissed off... well, maybe."

"It ought to fail miserably. But, curse his eyes, Mr Peek has written a fantastic book. And despite its structure, Twenty-Six Lies has a powerful narrative drive. Mr Peek as deftly woven a story into his encyclopedia, complete with character development, unfolding themes, and a hard shock of an ending."

"Quite extraordinary."

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Yes, I am a horrible whore of an author who will use any opportunity to shill. Welcome to life without a publicist. If you want review copies or interviews or parts of children, especially bright happy ones I had to freeze for my sanity, contact me at benpeek at livejournal.com.