January 18th, 2007


Martin and Feast and HBO.

I finished reading George R.R. Martin's A Feast for Crows last night. I liked it well enough, for what was essentially half an eight hundred odd page interlude, but there ought to be some kind of law about ending such large books on a cliffhanger. After eight hundred pages, I feel that I should leave a book having experienced resolution. I'm funny like that.

The big news, of course, is the Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series has been picked up by HBO to become a series. While I'm sure the money is nice for Martin, I don't particularly greet the news with any joy (or hate--I'm rather neutral to it). I don't need films or tv shows made out of books I enjoy. I have the books. I'm sure they'll settle nicely into the episodic format of HBO, since I've long held the opinion that Martin, having spent some time writing for tv, took those skills learnt there and applied it to his large cast and its central, driving plot line. What will be interesting to see is how all the underage sex gets treated: I suspect characters will become older and no recently 'flowered' thirteen year old girls will be married, sold off, fucked, or whatever. Given the hysteria that exists over underage girls having sex with anyone, much less older men, it still makes me laugh to think that Martin has created this huge series where, book in and book out, it happens. He even makes plot lines over it. Some might argue the authenticity of it, but it's a book with dragons, wights, and one hundred and two year old men, and so I find that argument even funnier.

Anyhow, I suspect that when--or maybe the better term is 'if'--the series is turned into a HBO series, I'll wait and see what the word from everyone is before checking it out. Given that I live in Sydney, and HBO series don't arrive here until a season is done, at least, in the States, I should be able to figure if it's worth tarnishing my mind's eye view of the books with someone else's.