December 18th, 2006


Casino Royale

It should come as no surprise that I went and saw the new Bond flick, Casino Royale. I recently read the book, after all, and the promise of the torture of Bond's genitals was too much to pass up.

In truth, I am not a huge Bond fan. Sometimes I see the films, sometimes I don't, and at the end, they finish and I forget them. If they stopped making the films, I'd never notice the difference in my life, which, you know, is like much of the things produced, art wise. Still, with that said, I have to say, I had a good time in the new Bond film. The entire reason for this would be the new Bond, Daniel Craig, who gives us a more violent, brutal, obsessed Bond. The kind of Bond who will track down a man and murder him, not because he is a threat, but because he an object to be removed in his goal of reaching a prominent figure, and because Bond is unable to solve any threat, ultimately, unless it is through violence. M, played by Judi Dench and who, for the first time, is allowed to be a powerful, intelligent figure, calls Bond a blunt instrument, and indeed, in this film, he is.

Casino Royale as a film isn't anything special, once you remove Craig and Dench. Some of the stunts go too long as, indeed, does the film, and it's all pretty workmanlike in the end. Still, that's nothing new, as none of the Bond films are anything special, director wise. It's drone film making for the franchise.

But Craig is a fine Bond, and if you're curious, it's a nice way to kill a few hours.
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