November 28th, 2006


Reveal Your Secrets

On Clare Dudman's blog, I answer a bunch of questions about Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth, so you should go and read it.

Clare and I cover such topics as the book coming out of this blog, how much it changed in the writing of it, re-reading, and important things such as what I do first thing in the morning. Clare has even read Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth, as well, and dug it. In fact, this is what she says about it:

"Yes, I like your book very much - in fact I think it is quite extraordinary. I love the way it blends facts and autobiography.  I thought it  very well written - in turn thought-provoking, wise and then startling and shocking.  I thought perhaps it was a book I could dip into and it certainly works on that level - but I also realise as I read that  there is a story evolving here - something hidden with much subtlety which means it has to be read as a whole to appreciate."

There are some images, there, as well. I never know what to do with images, never know what to put up. It isn't that I dislike photos--it's that I dislike those people who move around crowds with cameras in their hands, saying, 'Smile,' right before they steal your soul, again. Then you end up with a whole heap of bad photos of yourself. So, ultimately, I struggle to find one that captures that special something about me. That unspeakable quality, you know? That was, of course, until I checked my email late last night and found what J, who lives in London, sent me:

The quintessential Ben Peek, she said.