November 10th, 2006


Amazon Thang (26Lies)

Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth now has an Amazon page.

I don't know why, but I totally dig seeing the books I'm in on Amazon, so I'm providing the link. It also lists Anna and Andy (andrewmacrae) as illustrators, which is super cool, too. If you're going to buy the book, I still reckon doing so from Wheatland Press is the way, because it'll be quicker (and you still might get the I Hate Ben Peek badge). But, I'm providing the link so that should any of you read and the book, like it, and want to say so, here's a place to go; you can also blog about it, write to your local politician about it, and leave random notes in coffee shops pointing people to it. The book is only going to get out there and into people through word of mouth, because my publishing and publicity empire is, you know, indisposed at the moment. Indisposed meaning, of course, that I don't have an empire. It would be impolite to ask what happened to them, but it involves hypnosis, a chicken, and two thousand screen doors.

So if you like it, talk about it.

I go off now to figure ways to pimp it wildly but in moderately priced ways. You got a website and you want to interview or review, let me know.

(Yeah, I know Amazon (of all countries) is telling people that Black Sheep is shipping. It's a lie. I don't think the book'll be round till early next year.)