November 8th, 2006


Airport Stories, Again

Airport Stories, Again - Tuesday night, picking up D from Sydney Airport. C is in the car with me. It's raining and I need new windshield wipers, so everything is a wet lit blur out of the glass. The time is about twenty minutes before ten, which is when D's flight arrives, and we are currently driving through twisting back streets and down roads lined with dark factories that belch an odour like freshly made popcorn.

"You know where you're going?" C says.

"D showed me this shortcut. Why you ask?"

"We just passed a sign pointing us to Canberra."


(It wasn't actually Canberra, but it's funnier if it is, because Canberra is in the opposite direction of Sydney Airport. I did get lost in those back streets, however, and I did once get so lost I ended up a road to Canberra, but I was coming out of Wollongong, which is, I might add, designed by the Devil as well.)
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Conventions 2007

I've seen this around a bit, and I know you guys are all dying to know where I will be next year so you can come and, I dunno, talk to me or something. Totally unlike what you can do here 24/7, naturally. So, anyway, here is the list of conventions I'll be at in 2007:

  • None.

I'm pretty sure those dates are confirmed.
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