October 31st, 2006


Fantasy Magazine Issue 4

Alicia's Prayer by Lisa Ann Figueroa
The Matreshka by Marly Youmans
Bizarre Cubiques by Hal Duncan
Bronson Rebellion by Megan Messinger
Irregular Verbs by Matthew Johnson
Under the Red Sun by Ben Peek
Rosemary, For Remembrance by Hannah Wolf Bowen
The Green Man by Amber van Dyk
After Midnight by Alison Campbell-Wise
Mosquito Story by Afifah Myra Muffaz
Why the Balloon Man Floats Away by Stephanie Campisi
Dead Sea Fruit by Kaaron Warren
Exposure by Darren Speegle
Ticket to Ride by E. Catherine Tobler
Mushrooms Sprouting in Your Footsteps Like Tears by Catherine M. Morrison
During the Dance by Len Bains

Interview with Hal Duncan
Book Reviews

Available now for six bucks.

(This issue features my novelette, 'Under the Red Sun', which is also a Red Sun story, for those of you who liked 'The Souls of Dead Soldiers are for Blackbirds, Not Little Boys'.)
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Yeah, Yeah

This blog has really turned into advertising the shit I'm in over the last two days, hasn't it?

It's pretty much the World Fantasy Con that has done it. I think, if I'm right, I'll be in two magazines, one anthology, and will have one book that will be available at the con, which is nearly everything I've had waiting to be published ('John Wayne (as Written by a Non-American' will be in the next Aurealis, from what I understand, and Black Sheep is next year). Which means this dumping of covers and pimpage will be over real soon, and we can go back to the regular thing, which is me struggling to sell fiction, and looking for a job.

Which, incidentally, is what I'm doing today. Well, not the looking. Today I am writing the cover letter for a few that I'm going to apply for, and getting everything together. I really could do without this part of my life, but what can you do, huh?

Employment: a totally and unnecessary waste of time.