October 18th, 2006


Authors Who Don't Think

Alisa Krasnostein (girliejones), the woman behind ASif, a review site dedicated to Australian Spec Fic, gets some fabulous email. Check out this from a disgruntled author:

"Then there are the critics. Over-educated, fear ridden types, so full of other people's ideas they have never once held an original idea. They gather together in collections of the tortured, reading the works of others. Knowing with resigned certainty that they are destined to spend the remainder of their days watching life from the sidelines.

Please hold this thought close to your mind: The only reason writers bow before swine is to grab a comment for the back of their novels. You have absolutely no other purpose on this earth."

Don't you just love that?

It amazes me that someone sent this email, or even that they thought that writing it would result in anything other than being laughed at, and then ridiculed. Really.

Now, me, I'm not one of those people who subscribes to the whole Never Argue with a Review philosophy, but there's a way to do it, and a way not too, you know? I've been on both sides of the fence, and I don't mind when people want to discuss a review, though I often have little to say about people who review my stuff, negative or positive--though this probably has more to do with the usual couple of paragraphs I'm given with short fiction. Maybe I'll find more to say with books. Who knows? But reviewers aren't perfect, neither are authors, and so the whole thing has a bit of give and take, at least in mind.

However, calling the reviewer (or editor of the review site) a swine is, shockingly enough, not the way to do things. And you should be careful what you say, really, because people will remember it, and people will send the email around, sharing it like naked pictures of people they went to school with.