October 16th, 2006


Review and Soundtrack Meme

Tangent Online has a review of Phantom and 'Mono' is well liked:

There's an epidemic happening in "Mono" by Ben Peek; white people are going insane. They've become infected during an event that survivors call The Five Days, when the world burned with white light. They haven't become zombies, per se, but rather inhuman creatures mad with rage who tear through walls and each other. Chilam Singer is a survivor holed up at the Wallens Ridge Prison. From atop its wall, she and others keep watch, knowing it's only a matter of time until the epidemic victims storm the building.
"Mono" mirrors the horror of the Holocaust and the eerie solitude at the beginning of 28 Days Later.  Told through a sectional collage: diary entries, conversations from the top of the prison wall, inventory statements, etc., Chilam is a character that readers can cling to, a woman who has lost much to be where she is now, knowing that there's no hope of long-term survival. A snippet of dialogue between her and a friend hints at Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and Peek's vision of a ghastly future is as powerful, and possibly more grim.

Six bucks at Clarkesworld, or free in the con bag at World Fantasy

You know, I really expected people to have a few problems with this piece, but what do I know? Maybe I'll get some angry emails about it after World Fantasy. Or I can get Sean Wallace (oldcharliebrown) to send copies to the inmates at Wallens Ridge, and have them write me back. Author seeks correspondence and shivs. Though I probably won't get many angry white people in prison.

Anyhow, I know how much you all love reading my reviews, so I've also added the Soundtrack Meme beneath this cut. Collapse )
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Thesis Update!

So, I queried about my thesis, because last time I did, I was told the final marker said he'd have it in within two weeks. I was told that when the two weeks was up. Anyhow: queried this time, and it turns out he's finally returned it, and the marks are going to the faculty and it'll all be worked out and I'll finally know the result--

In a week or two.