October 7th, 2006


So I Made A Blog Post Out of It

So I Made A Blog Post Out of It - D calls. He has met a girl. He tells me that she is nice. Real nice. I guess she must be. He tells me that he met her Thursday, that he saw her Friday, that he saw her today, Saturday, and took her to the airport, since she lives in Melbourne. He's just dropped her off. He's talking to me as he drives. We don't talk about my relationships. There's not much to say, anyway, really. Once he is finished, I ask him what he's doing.

"I'm going to buy a plane ticket," D says. "I'm gonna fly down to Melbourne, see her tomorrow. We're going to hang out, get to know each other. What's your plans?"

"Um. Proof read."

"Proof read?"

"I have a short story I plan to finish, if that helps."

"Dude, that's fucking tragic."


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