September 14th, 2006


Six Weird Things

I was tagged by Cat Sparks (catsparx). I can't even remember the last time I was tagged for a meme. So here it is, six weird, odd habit things I do:


I don't wear logos. You can't avoid it sometimes, such as with the little patch all jeans have on the back, but that is mostly covered by shirts and a belt, and anything more obtrusive than that is just not bought. I just don't like logos. I will cut them off shirts that are gifts. This goes as far, even, to the fact that I will not buy band shirts. I will not wear t-shirts that are advertisements, though I have made a few t-shirts, and I'll buy the occasional quirky shirt. Yet, I love logos on shoes. On my Chucks, on my Docs. They're the only shoes I own, and they're logo'd up, and I simply can't imagine them any other way.


I rarely go back on decisions. Right or wrong, once I make my mind up, I'll see it till the bitter end.


I don't like hot drinks. Coffee, tea, whatever you got, really, I don't like hot drinks. In fact, I find it kind of baffling that so many people do. Hot drinks don't warm me up, they don't do anything... they're just hot, and therefor unpleasant to drink. Occasionally I'll have a coffee or something, but I'll always wait until its nearly cold before I begin drinking it.


I never read collections or anthologies in one or two sittings. Quite often, it takes me years to read a collection of short fiction. That's one single collection, mind. I have about twenty I'm about half way through and I'm perfectly happy with this way of doing things. I can't actually understand sitting down and reading a collection or anthology like a novel, anyway, and having a whole bunch round means you just have this huge pool of fiction to pick from.


I only like butter on toast. Melting butter. The idea of putting it on bread just seems to be slightly insane. Unless it's with Vegemite. Vegemite needs butter.


I recently alphabetised all my books. I did this because I no longer have a To Read Pile. Instead, I have an Archive. That way, you see, I don't have to feel guilt about my buying of books outweighing my reading of books. All books, read or unread, have a purpose, and that is to be placed in the archive, where one day they will be read under a multitude of reasons.

I'm not tagging anyone. You wanna do it, do it.
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