August 3rd, 2006


Respect My Blog


That just made me laugh.

In that post, Hugh Macleod talks about the audience for his blog, and the size, of which his has no idea:

But "How many people read your blog per day" is not the same thing as "How big is your audience."

Let me explain.

The number of blogs I read on a daily basis numbers about a dozen. The number of blogs I read every couple of days numbers about ten times that figure.

But the number of blogs I read regularly, just not that often, is way, way, way higher than that. Many thousands of them.

Which I thought was interesting in a kind of self absorbed, who is reading my blog kind of way. I've always interested in who reads this blog, and how they (you) found your way to it, and what kind of pattern you (they) keep to reading it. It's just one of those things I toss round when traffic spikes, as it does every now and then. But I don't think too hard about it, simply because the answers are never likely to appear, and it's all a little useless in the end. A while back John Scalzi did a top fifty sf bloggers based on technorati rankings and, after checking my rank, I found that I was high enough to drop into the final ten of those. But since I don't register on Scalzi's blogsphere of reading, I wasn't there. Which pretty much sums up the whole audience thing, really. Some people read you, some people don't. If you're lucky, wads of cash will show up one day on your doorstep from sympathetic readers.

In other news, ex-Lifetime bass guitarist Linda Key has been arrested for hoarding body parts. As you do.
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