July 18th, 2006


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest last Friday and I quite enjoyed myself, but I've found that, in terms of writing about it, there's not much to say. The first thirty minutes is a bit clunky as the three main characters and put into their plot lines and meet up, but overall, I found that film a kind of enjoyable, big Summer/Winter film spectacle, no better or worse than the first.

So here's my summing up of the film:

I paid fifteen bucks to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. At the end, despite the cliffhanger (which is the same kind of cliffhanger that Empire Strikes Back has) I didn't feel as if I had been violated. This is not something I can say about the last two films I paid fifteen bucks to see.
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No Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

What a bitch. I had tickets to go see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on Saturday, but the gig has been canceled due to the frontman's vocal cords.

“We're sorry to announce that we have to postpone our upcoming trip to Japan and Australia.  Unfortunately over the course of our recent European tour Alec's voice started to give out on him, and in order to avoid any permanent damage to his vocal chords he's going to have to take some time off of touring.  We're really sorry for the late notice, and we wish this wasn't the case, but we promise to make it over as soon as we can.  If you bought tickets for our shows in Sydney or Melbourne you'll be able to get a refund for your tickets”. 

- Jackie Nalpant (Monterey Peninsula Artists)

Which sucks.

I was especially interested in going because the gig was at Rebel Rebel, which is the name that Home, the dance club, is using when they put on band gigs. John Au-Yeung, ever reliable for judgments about venues (even if he does have a strange obsession with Oasis, but hey...) reckoned it was fairly dodge as a venue, and has been busy scaring me with the idea of in house dj sets between the opening act and the main one. So I was curious to see what it was going to be like, while also hoping that the band would be cool, since I totally love their album.

But it's not to be the case. And I'll scratch a black mark against Rebel Rebel anyhow, for not emailing me to tell. Believe it or not, I found out the gig had been canceled on Pitchfork (pitchfork_feed). Thank fuck for livejournal feeds, huh? Anyway, time to get a refund. I knew I should've signed up for that Mogwai gig.
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