July 4th, 2006


Help Required

Hey, if you don't mind, could you spare a few moments here and help me out? I'm currently looking for as many author related hoaxes and lies that I can find. It's for Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth, so if you can think across the alphabet, that would be super keen of you. I've got a bunch, but I would just like, well, more. I'm greedy like that. It's the research idiot in me. He always wants so much information that he'll never be able to use it. Anyhow, basically, what I'm looking for are names that fall under three broad categories:

1) Authors who used pseudonyms (George Orwell)
2) Authors who used pseudonyms to hide their identity due to the times, and/or went on to create elaborate back stories for their pseudonym (George Elliot, JT Leroy, Helen Darville)
3) And finally, author hoaxes, such as the Hitler Diaries and so forth.

Names are cool, if that's all you want to leave, since I'll be doing the research, but a few lines about it wouldn't go astray. Any and all help will be appreciated from your researching swimming author.