June 23rd, 2006



Returned from two days in the rain, basically. In a different country I might complain. In this one, I just shrugged, read half of Geoff Ryman's Air, wrote a bit, watched a bit of soccer, and drove C's car round to anything dry. We counted roadside graves on the unlit, broken edged, two laned roads that had a speed limit of a hundred, often while going round blind corners. We counted five on one trip. But at any rate, I am back, and now I have to write report cards, mark exams, and catch up on everything I missed. Still, here are some things I learnt while away.

One - Beef Jerky is foul. Just fucking foul.

Two - There is a porn mag called Sixty and Up. On the cover of the latest issue, there are two elderly, grey haired women hugging each other. They may be wearing pearls. I'm not sure. I couldn't bring myself to buy it and open the plastic cover. Retirement village porn is out there.

Three - Three bucks will give you a couple of hours fun in a twenty cent a credit video game arcade, just like in 1984.

Four - Don't say to the art gallery owner at Port Macquarie that her exhibition about space shows just how boring space travel really is.

If I missed anything of interest, let me know, yeah?
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