June 19th, 2006


Things I Have Noted But Which Needn't Flow Together.

* Every time I get into the car of late, the song playing on the radio is the Infidels' "Love like Semtex". Yes, they have a myspace page.

* I am trying to read Iain M. Banks' Consider Phlebas. It was never my plan to read the book, but I got suckered by the new covers on his sci-fi novels. Mostly, it was the little text down the bottom that said 'a culture novel' that really got me. Plus, I liked The Wasp Factory.

* Australia lost out against Brazil, but I wasn't one of the three thousand people in Circular Quay watching it at two am in the morning in the middle of winter. I heard a report of ten thousand in Melbourne. Personally, I had a heater.

* I'm not doing well with Consider Phlebas. I just skim read fifty pages where the character crash lands on a beach with a tribe of cannibals. I'm pretty sure there's no need to spend fifty pages with cannibals, and while I would, usually, have no problem with this, it just added to my feeling that the book had no real point. I like the Culture, but to be quite honest, I'm finding the rest of the book to be... well, uninspiring, I guess. There's nothing special about the writing. Nothing special about the ideas--and when Banks does have a good one, it never feels used right. Plus, I'm two hundred pages into a book, and none of the characters are dealing with the motivating plot of the book yet.

* Do you ever find yourself considering writing a story so you can submit it and sell it just to get a copy of the book, because you'd like a free copy?

* Australia played well and Brazil did not, pretty much sums up the match, I think. I reckon Australia can take Croatia, because the latter looked fairly lackluster against Japan, but really, after seeing Argentina play Friday night, you have to wonder when Brazil are going to hit form, and if it'll be in time.

* One day I'll figure out something to do with a myspace page. However, I reckon eventually, I'll have to get to designing a webpage and something shiny and lovely. I don't know what will happen to this blog then. I'll either drop it into the page, or just start a new one. Just wait and see, I guess.

* Yeah, I don't know what's with the World Cup interest, either. I once got addicted to the Bold and the Beautiful, though, and last year I tried Lost, so it's not like these TV things aren't happening. 2006 must be the Year I Watched Sport on TV, however.
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Not Back Till Friday

Taking off to Port Macquarie in the morning. Friend of mine has got a free place to crash in, so I said I'd split the driving and the petrol, especially since I haven't been anywhere since the thesis finished in March. Plus, I've never been to Port Macquarie, so I win on New Places Visited, which is important (even if it is just up the coast and everyone but me has been there). With any luck it will prove to be a little bit interesting.

I have no idea what kind of net access I'll have, so if you don't hear from me for a while, assume I have none. If you've got the other ways to find me, know that I can't drive you to the emergency ward this week. Next week will be fine.

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