June 16th, 2006


That Feminist Speculative Fiction Debate

Here's something for you all. While we're all sitting round, discussing who can represent women in a submission bombing of Fantasy and Science Fiction with Charles Coleman Finlay (ccfinlay), I wonder how many of you are actively out there supporting the independent press anthologies that promote female speculative fiction writers.

Cause, y'know, strikes me that if you want to support the female writers of this genre, one way to do it is to support the work that promotes said females. After all, submission bombing a magazine is perhaps not as definitive a statement about what you want as breaking the mind of a publisher through your purchasing power.

The Nine Muses, edited by Forrest Aguirre (experimeditor) and Deborah Layne (mme_publisher). This anthology includes new stories from some of today's best women writers along with Elizabeth Hand's provocative essay, “The Beckoning Fair Ones: Some Thoughts About Muses.” And remember, the Wheatland Press deal goes until June 30th. So:

Buy any Wheatland Press title (from the Wheatland Press website) by midnight June 30, 2006 (Pacific Time) and receive any one volume of Polyphony (1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5) absolutely free.

Place your order via the Paypal link.
In the space marked "Comment" tell me which volume of Polyphony you would like to have.
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