June 8th, 2006


Gay Marriage, Australian Style

There's a bit of blogging about George Bush's plan to make gay marriage illegal, which I believe just got overturned, but I thought you'd all like to know that here in Australia, we too are run by conservative fucks who want to defend that sanctity of marriage. Whatever that is. See, down in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory), they are planning to fast track some civil laws that will allow gay couples the same rights as straight couples "such as rights to property in the event of a relationship break-up and power of attorney," and I guess whatever else you can get.

Now Philip Ruddock, that great man who once defended our shores from the yellow wave, reckons this is wrong, because, and boys and girls I want you to take notes, you have to defend the institution of marriage. You have to do this by making sure that not everyone is allowed access to an attorney after a break up. Only men who marry fourteen year old girls in a drunken and drugged haze and women who marry aging old billionaires for their cash are allowed that privilege. (You ever noticed that for guys it's sex and women it's money in these cliches? I'd marry for money before sex, I tell you.)

Anyhow, hopefully nothing will come of this, since the other parties have a variety of reasons to oppose it. For one reason, the Australian Government is not legally allowed to interfere with the laws of States; but the last time they did that, apparently, was to stopped the world's first euthanasia legislation in the Northern Territory in 1997. Weren't we a proud nation that day. I almost cried.

Do you know, George Bush calls John Howard up at night?

I saw this on the news a couple of nights back. I'm not actually sure what the point of the call was, except maybe to swap conservative ideologies, and plan on how to strip human beings of their basic rights. But maybe they talked beer recipes, too.