June 3rd, 2006


Humanitarian Once Again

The worse thing about shaving your head, is if you take a hit to the head, there's nothing to hide it. Something like this on people with hair? No one says a word. But to me? It means that until it heals over, everyone will be saying, "You have a cut on your head, did you know that?" When you say, yeah, you did notice, it's kind your head, y'know, they blink, then say, "So... How'd you do it?"


I was rescuing needy, poor, but not too ugly, orphans with leprosy from pirates.

Thank you.
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Agog! Ripped Reads Launch

From Cat Sparks, "Agog! Ripping Reads will be launched by Jack Dann at the cocktail party immediately following the opening ceremony of Conflux on Friday night, June 9th, 8.30pm , in the National Museum Hall, Canberra."


If I had made buttons weeks ago, I would've sent them along. As it is, you're all just going to have to go and buy the book, and see what freeze booze you can scam. So go, buy. It should be a good book. My story is, once again, that one with the really cool title: 'The Souls of Dead Soldiers are for Blackbirds, Not Little Boys.'
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