May 29th, 2006


More Novel Firsts (The How Do You Hate Me Option)

So, last week, there was the pleasure of people who preordered Black Sheep. That was cool. This week, however, it's people who won't buy my book. This is from Carol Ryles (sirius2canopus):

One thing I learned though, is there's no way I'm ever going to buy his bloody novel, even if I see it at the second hand book shop, selling for 20c. Even if it's an awardwinning bestseller. Just thinking about it gives me a bad taste in my mouth.

Isn't that great?

Apparently Carol (who I didn't know was sirius2canopus a couple of days ago, but who is actually a writer on the local scene here) thinks I'm a bit of a cunt--a bit of an alpha male cunt, actually. She has pictures of apes and babies to compare me to. Very stylish, I thought. Of course, in her name calling, she's joined by Lee Battersby llbatt) who has been on a bit of a crusade to point out what a cunt I am ever since February, when I didn't like Lyn (his wife's) story. Which is fair enough, because, lets face it, I'm a bit of a fucking cunt.* Yes, it's true. No, don't say otherwise, I'm a cunt. I know, I know. Lets not forget that my image as a big bad loner is just a pose, by the way. Am I missing something?

Anyhow, another person, they might find that this kind of thing is a bit insulting, but you know, really, I kind of find it communal. It's nice that two people are finding a way to come together.

In fact, I like this idea of people coming together through their hate at me, that I think you should go over there to Carol's blog, and join in. Share a bit of hate with her. Swap a monkey picture or two. Maybe trade some Kant quotes--she left a bit of that in the older post, so you know she likes the old philosophy. And you guys can sit and chat with Lee, talk about how all I need is to be left alone, how I hate everyone so much, and how all I am is one big poser. Yes. This is the Day of Communal Hate Against Ben Peek.

I myself am taking part and so should you.

* For her part, Lyn seems to have gone for the whole Ben Peek means nothing to me and why should I give a shit cause many others liked my story. Sure, it's admirable, but where's the many months of grinding her teeth, and telling people what a cunt I am?

And, Just So It's Said

With all the feudin' an a fussin' what's been lost here, I think, is that there's a book to buy:

I reviewed Troy for Strange Horizons and you'd think, with all this, that I ripped in on it. Well, no. I thought that as a collection of fiction it is, with one minor piece, quite strong. I don't think it works as a cycle of stories, or as a collection of fiction inspired by the Iliad, however--in other words, as a whole. Some people reckon it was never meant to be read like that, but I reckon it presents itself as... so there, was, apparently, this. But you know, the question of if people read the book that way or not, that's an interesting conversation. It's a conversation worth having round the place, rather than the "Ben Peek is a cunt" one that is popular, and rather than it being about me, it's about an independent book put out in Australia this year.

So buy yourself a copy of the book and review it round. Don't be shy now.
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