May 24th, 2006


Sales Rank?

Black Sheep now has a sales rank on Amazon. #183,200, apparently.


Well, yeah.

I guess that means that one hundred and eighty three thousand and two hundred books sold more copies* than mine yesterday--which, y'know, seems like some kind of number you can pretty much ignore. But who cares? What it means is that I at least sold a copy of the book.

(Look, I've never had a novel published before. Posts like these are going to happen. I have a new and shiny toy and it will remain shiny, even after those who dislike me buy copies of the book and read it to either, a) hate me more, or b) write snarky blog posts (or reviews) about how shit the book is. Until then, you'll have to put up with me going, 'I have a book now, what new tricks does it do?')

* Or went onto wish lists. Does a wish list alter this thing?
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