April 17th, 2006


When Black Characters Marry (They Invite White Folk)

See, I told you they were getting married.

But why, man? I didn't even know they knew each other.

Cause they're black and from Africa so obviously they do. Sure, Storm might've grown up in some little village, and the Black Panther might've grown up as a Prince, but once they moved to America, all that social economic shit was put aside, man. They saw that they were black and they knew they had to have each other.

That's a bit cynical.

See the dude with the big M on his face?

The black guy?

Yeah, him.

See how he's crying?

Quite clearly he thought he was going to get to score with the only other black woman in the Marvel Universe.

There's more than one black woman, dude.

Fuck you. Name them.


Yeah, that's right. I mean, look at this, the fucking bridesmaid is white.

There's a black woman behind them.

They can't get married by a white woman. Dude, show some fucking sense. The black community'd be outraged--if this wasn't a fucking comic and they didn't care, y'know?

You are such a cynic, man. Maybe there's a white bridesmaid to show racial diversity--did you think of that?

Well, there is a token Asian, so I guess they're covering token diversity.

Man, don't be like that.

Fuck you. It's ridiculous.

Shit, even Captain fucking America and Iron Man are more important in this picture than the two getting married. Can you even explain to me why they're standing like that?

Sharing a moment?

Dude, don't be an asshole.


Yes. Quite clearly these two icons of white supremacy--industry and corporate democracy--are slapped into the foreground 'cause Marvel knows that the white fans round the world ain't interested in two black characters marrying. So they've slapped those two on to bring them in, thinking maybe there'll be a fight, or maybe Iron Man will fuck with the bridesmaid, or some such like that.

I'm not listening to anymore of this, man. Seriously. Find a new hobby.