April 14th, 2006


Zombie Jesus Weekend Begins

So, yes, Zombie Jesus Weekend begins.

I've nothing against Easter if it's your thing. Enjoy it. I'm pleased that those awful religious tv shows aren't as popular now as they once were, and that about covers it for me. I made the mistake of going out into the world yesterday. That won't be happening again. Anyhow, the forum thing is still going, and here's one of the questions (the non-controversial one) from yesterday--

On a more frivolous note, what's your alcohol of choice?


I love that stuff. It comes with a worm in the bottom. How could you not love it? Last year, when I was staying in Bundaberg with my friends, I bought them a bottle of mescal with two worms in it. Worms for lovers, the bottle said. Apparently they still haven't eaten them.

--But if you want the controversy, you'll have to hit the link.

I have been trying to read the second George R.R. Martin book, A Clash of Kings, but I think I've stalled out on it around page three hundred. It might be time to just flip to another book and read that and then come back. Martin has a tendency to repeat info, so it's not like it will be much of a concern for me. Still, I'm thinking there's a limit for the same kind of genre that I can read in a row, and around fourteen hundred pages of it appears to be that limit. It's probably only one of those things I have to worry about with trashy fantasy.

So, now, something new.
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