April 13th, 2006



Would you consider 'collaborating'?

Actually, I have collaborated before, once. This produced the very easily forgotten, lost in time, novella we refer to as The Engima Variant, which was published by MirrorDanse Books in 1999. It was written by myself and Chris Mowbray and it was, without doubt, awful.

I don't know how to collaborate with other authors. I learnt this quick with Chris (and he learnt the same thing, I imagine). We kept trying to rewrite each other. We kept trying to push our ideas in. It wasn't so much as a give and take, but a battle ideas, and whoever had last rewrite won in many ways. That was me, so a lot of the chapbook's craptacular contents was well and truly down to me.

There are people who collaborate all the time. There are people who do it well. I've no idea how they do it. For me, it feels like I'm holding stuff back, and only doing the work by halves, and it feels weaker and I'm much less satisfied about the whole thing than anything else I've ever written.

It was an experience I wouldn't take back, however. It was fun working with Chris, even as we fought for independence, and tried to figure out what we were doing and where we were going. I figure you ought to try collaboration at least once, because even if it fails, you'll learn a lot about how you work as a writer.

But once was all I needed.


The Ben Peek Show.

(So, now, isn't that cover just all class? Wouldn't you want to buy such a chapbook. Yet, we sold all one hundred of them, despite ourselves. I don't know if people ever read them, and lets just thank fuck that nothing was ever heard back from it. Still, everyone does something that at the starts sounds like a good idea, and in the end just is just a cock up. Anyhow, I thought I'd post it here so you could all see that classy cover. Things of more class are happening over in the forum, as I've been asked if I'm single, what my spirituality means in my writing, and just why I like dead Americans.)
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Vanilla World

When my car was serviced a couple of weeks ago for rego and general life, my mechanic put in a little vanilla smelling business card on my rear view mirror. Did he mean that my car smelt, I asked myself with paranoia? After spending a day sniffing my car and asking people odd questions, I was no closer to the truth, so I just stopped asking. Obviously, I took the little business card down, however. Still, I just dumped it in the car and now the whole thing smells of vanilla, which isn't such a bad thing, but I've noticed that my intake of vanilla thickshakes from McDonalds has jumped.

For example, before the vanilla device, I would have none.

Now, after the vanilla device, I'm averaging one a week.

I've no will power whatsoever, do I?
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