April 12th, 2006


One Week into the Ben Peek Show.

So, the first week is done on the two weeks of questions and answers at the Asif forum. Apparently it's not controversial enough for people (or the controversy is that it isn't controversial) which is funny, I think. At any rate, with everyone heading off to Brisbane for the con that's going on there over the Easter weekend, the small little roll this thing has will probably die in the ass unless some new blood in injected. And by new blood, I mean people who aren't from Australia, and who aren't the usual suspects, though in fairness, the usual suspects have been absent at any rate, which is nice. I like seeing new faces.

As you can see, I've been dropping the interesting bits in here, just for kicks, and because I know people don't like to do the click thing--or forget--and because I can then tell you about my book and such. So, if you've been reading these and you've got something you'd like to throw in, now's the time to have a go if you want, since in a week it shuts up and someone who is not me takes over.

Plus, I'm feeling lazy for real content on this blog this week. So go and give me ideas for shit to write about.