April 8th, 2006


Why I Do The Things I Do (Cause I Wanna)

You've become a bit notorious about some parts for being a man of controversy. Is that something you intend or do you think you get misinterpreted?

It's not either, really.

The very quick, flip answer is that I've always been a cunt, and I always will be. It's just that now more people pay attention to it, now.

The slightly more indepth answer (slight, very slight) is that I have opinions and my opinions are as valid as the next person's, and since I'm not stupid and I'm not inarticulate, I say them. I've been running my blog for about four years now and in the last year and a bit, the audience has grown a fair bit. I've no idea why--I have no control over that. I just go with it and see where it takes me. But, before my blog, I was upsetting people when writing for university newspapers, telling people what I thought about fiction, and in other places that I did things/spoke/went too. What I do on the blog is basically what I've done for pretty much my entire life.

The Ben Peek Show.

(There's more for that answer, but it's a bit repetitive. I got to stop reply to this questions late at night when I'm near dead tired. I regret not writing that it's the blood of children that I drink that makes me strong and allows me to be all knowing and powerful and realise everyone around me is wrong. I always forget the blog of the children bit. It's a bit like taking medication--you do it out in habit, and barely notice that you do it.

Still, the show goes on, and shortly after this, I gave out advice on how to get a girl at a bus stop to notice you.)
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