April 5th, 2006


Book Covers I Like

Clare Dudman had an entry about book covers that people found particularly memorable. It appears to be gone now, which is odd, but maybe it's just one of those magic things that happen with blogline accounts, which keep all the phantom and deleted entries people make. At any rate, I read the entry and you did not, and now I can tell you, in all honesty, she had a long range of covers featuring ball gags and leather. Yes. Absolutely. Totally. Would I lie?*

Anyhow, it pretty much brought to my mind the hardcover dust jacket for Michael Chabon's excellent The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

Which is much, much cooler in real life, as it stretches around the whole book, and has the blue clad superhero from the novel leaning out into his punch, and his screaming girlfriend on the back. There's lots to like about the image: the colours, the simple, but strong lines, and the pulp without camp look to it. Of course, the real joy of the cover is that he's punching out Hitler. Because not enough covers do that.

* It was Roddy Doyle's Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha.

And Now, the Ben Peek Show.

So, for the next two weeks, it's the Ben Peek Show over at the Asif Forums.

It basically works like this: you ask me a question, and I answer it. Maybe in an accent. Who knows. My hope is that it'll be a bit of fun and keep people amused, but for that it needs you guys to go and play. A bit of thread drift and hijacking is acceptable, I guess, though the downside is there's a language filter on it. Which is a shame for all the people who wanted to rush in and call me a cunt.
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