April 3rd, 2006


Monday Links (Like, Two)

Yes, like the rest of the world, I find daylight savings stupid (is it ending or starting? I can never remember). Seems to me if we can hold it back a week for the Commonwealth Games, we could do away with it, and I could have my daylight in the afternoon. Darkness at five thirty strikes me as unnecessary and cruel. This, by the way, is a complaint made so I can feel part of the blog community, who are all bitching about it, too.

Some links, for those wanting content.

My little science fiction revenge story, 'Dream of a Russian Princess' was published a year ago at Ticonderoga Online and will soon be taken offline. I don't imagine it'll be back in any kind of form, so if you want to have a read of it, now is probably you last chance. To be honest, I'm a little shocked a year's past. Sure, I know what I did with the year, but man... feels so fucking quick. Anyhow, here's what a couple of reviews said about it:

...we join with Blair in a game of onion-peeling, as he goes looking for the truth. Together we perceive, remove and discard layer after layer, trying to work out everyone’s motivations, and figure out how people are related. Blair doesn’t spend a lot of time crying, but then he doesn’t have time - he’s frantically trying to reaquaint himself with the world and the lives that he left behind. The ending is both triumphant, and wistful.


I don’t know if ‘enjoyed’ is the right word to describe how I felt about this story – it’s not an easy read. However Blair’s search for his daughter is compelling. Compared to “M’Boy Cain”, “Dream of a Russian Princess” is both more substantial and more insubstantial. There’s more story development – things happen. However, you are made to work hard for every scrap of understanding. It’s a worthwhile fight, however, and the questions raised leave you thinking about Blair and his world long after the last word.

Both reviews from here.

Also, in a couple of days I will, I believe, be jumping onto the ASif forum to hold an open court to any question you can throw at me. Questions about writing, about juggling, about dating, about how to get that little swirl of onion that looks so cool. For two weeks, anything will go, and with any luck it'll be casual and intimate and I will be able to touch you... Hey, waitaminute, this is the wrong forum for that. Ah, ignore the touching part. Ahem. Anyhow, Currently editor and publisher of Ticonderoga Press, Russell Farr (punkrocker1991), is finishing up his time on the board, so check it out if you've mind.
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