February 21st, 2006


Headphones (I Gave Some Up, New Ones Required, Advice Asked)

Yesterday I sacrificed my ipod headphones to my grandfather, who is currently in hospital.

It wasn't much of a sacrifice, really, and in fact I found the idea of the apparently trendy white headphones coming out of this banged up, old radio kind of amusing. The radio is mine, too, though I would have given Pop my ipod, if he had wanted it. He's legally blind these days, so he can't see the tiny TV about his bed, and can't read, obviously, and was going a bit stir crazy since the only thing of interest is his nurses, the tube draining out his bladder, and the guy next to him who one night just started swelling, and whose head is currently three times its normal size and is being fed through a tube in his nose. At the current moment, this guy is very popular with doctors and nurses, and rightly so, I feel. Like I said, I would have given him my ipod, but it didn't have any Alan Jones, Beethoven, or classical jazz on it, so it wasn't of interest to him, and instead he got this radio.

I used to drive a car that had been made before car stereos had been standard and I bought this twenty buck radio to serve as one instead. Dump it into the glove box and off I go. I kept the radio for sentimental reasons, I guess, and also because I'm a hoarder, but fuck you all, cause three years later, it turned out to be useful again. If only text books worked the same way. Anyhow, obviously, there wasn't any headphones round, and Pop didn't want to annoy the others around him by turning it up, so I tossed in my ipod headphones and that made him pretty happy. I felt a bit of guilt cause that would mean he could continue to listen to Alan Jones, but fuck it, sometimes you just got to let go of your principles. Plus, he's eighty eight. He's the demographic.

While I was there yesterday, one of the doctors came by and asked him the last time he was in hospital.

"1941," Pop replied. "I got some gas from a chamber in my eye. Wrong kinda gas. Was lucky I didn't go blind. I got married a week later."

Impressive, huh?

Of course, about fifteen years ago he was in hospital for an overnight thing regarding his prostrate, but it's really not as cool, when you think about it. Plus, I doubt I'd go into hospital and get married a week later, but quite obvious in 1941 you were a tougher kind of person. The war and all. Of course, that doesn't mean you want to hear the story of getting a tube put up your cock. His exact words at the end of telling me this were, "It was the most painful thing I'd ever experienced--I was this close to crying like a man."

At any rate, today is his operation, which is happening right now, I think. I'm off later to see him, to see if it was Good or Bad, since he's having a tumor cut off his bladder (or burnt off, I guess--you know, if you haven't guessed yet, not huge with the medical mumbo-jumbo). So if you've got a kind thought to spare as you're reading this, toss it his way.

As for me, I'm without headphones now, which is cool, but now, faced with the decision to buy a new pair of headphones, I have no idea what to get. I've been existing off cheap five/ten buck sets before my ipod, but they don't last, and I think it's time to get a decent pair of 'phones. I'm open to recommendations. In fact, I think I'd like some. Toss them into the comments if you got a thought.
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I Almost Look Prolific

So, today's been eventful. First, I sold my novelette 'Under the Red Sun' to Sean Wallace (oldcharliebrown) for Fantasy Magazine. Most likely it'll appear in issue three. I also heard from Niall Harrison (coalescent) that my review of Oh Pure and Radiant Heart will appear on Strange Horizons (sh_reviews) in the beginning of March.* Also, the academics have finished with A Year in the City and I can go pick that up, and hear about ways to cut it down, which I've got to do to hit the word limit and 70/30 split for fiction and academia required for the doctorate.

I also had my right foot x-rayed after limping round on it for two days. I was guilted into it by S., but I suppose she's right about these things, what with the potential for flesh eating diseases being on the rise these days, and I've never had an x-ray before so there was that experience. It was... really boring.

* Also known as Book 3 in the 50 book challenge. I'm still on book three. I think I'm doing badly.
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