January 5th, 2006



There is talk about bringing back Futurama.

Personally, I reckon this is excellent. Screw all you people who want Firefly or whatever back, I want Futurama, which was just about one of the best written shows on TV. Any series that can give me the Robot Devil, a poor lobster doctor, a boozing, smoking, stealing robot as one of the main protagonists, All My Circuits, and Richard Nixon as a head in a jar and the President deserves to be brought back onto TV. Futurama even gave me the only thing ever relating to Star Trek that I can honestly say I liked. the show was just hands down fantastic and it was a crime to take it off the telly, especially since the Simpsons, Groening's more popular show, has become disturbingly more Christian as it has developed over the years. But even without that comparison, this show was just too cool.

Bring it back.
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