December 23rd, 2005


Explosions in the Sky, How Strange, Innocence.

How Strange, Innocence is a rerelease of Explosions in the Sky's first album, which they recorded over four days in 2000, and made three hundred copies of. It's been re-somethingorothered for 2005 and rereleased.

I just love the cover. It's the use of blue, obviously. It just captures that sense of innocence in the album title so well.

Part of me just wants to make this post because of this cover but, for an early album, How Strange, Innocence holds up well. It lacks the timing and crescendo that makes The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place the band's best album, and it descends a bit into distorted guitars at one stage, but it's actually quite enjoyable. There's a sense of youth, of energy, of the rough combination of both. I was a bit wary when I picked it up because of the first album thing, but really, I shouldn't have been.

You know, occasionally, I think I should post about books more on this blog. Heh.